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Top 3 unique SPA-programs that are worth a try

Beauty salons and aesthetic medicine centers are very innovative nowadays – their services seemed to be a science fiction a few years ago. The most innovative of them are deep cleansing of the skin, luxury services at low cost prices, or manicure, pedicure and makeup – all in one hour.

We have selected the most interesting offers in different beauty salons of the world and want to tell you about them.

Luxury SPA-relax with a therapeutic effect

Secret of a service lies in a variety of hammams, Jacuzzi and relaxation areas, personalized techniques and specialists` masterly hands.

The complex lasts for several hours: herbal steam baths, peelings, wraps and massage of the feet, after which your heels become silky. All this magnificence is complemented by a massage in four hands, or branded hot stone massage, or a mix of five different techniques.

Add here tea ceremonies with sweet figs and silk bath with minerals that restores blood flow, as well as rare color therapy and herbal medicine treatments — and you will understand what SPA romance is!

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Anti-stress therapy in one procedure

It all starts with relaxation in the hammam – this way your skin gets prepared to take the useful oils and minerals, which are prepared for it.

Next the warmed skin is being cleaned using salt peeling with large abrasive particles. Without washing off a composition, you visit hammam again — here the salt particles melt under the influence of condensate and absorb the excess fluid from the body.

The next and the most important phase of the anti-stress procedure is massage. Cosmetologist works with the problem areas of the back, neck, arms and legs, alternating a few healing techniques: rubbing, squeezing, pinpoint and plucking anti-cellulite massage.

If you have tense muscles, you will have painful feelings, but compensation lies ahead — after rubbing the whole body with calming and moisturizing cream you will have Nirvana – even those who live in constant stress feel fantastic. An unbelievable palette of sensations after a busy day!

Instant preparation for an important event

You will need just an hour and a half to shine — for this you will need the «Detox and modeling» treatment.

The session lasts for only 90 minutes — it starts with an intensive exfoliation, then they apply a thick mask similar to caramel. It consists of brown seaweed, fucus and essential oils of rosemary, lemon balm, lavender and eucalyptus. Active mask components stimulate circulation and activate the secretory function of the body.

30 minutes under high temperatures — and the skin acquires silky smoothness and softness, and you get rid of slag, toxins and excess fluid. The end of the treatment is deep massage and applying a nourishing lotion.

The main advantage of the procedure is that it can be held as a course, and on an ad hoc basis. In the first case, it helps to model silhouette and promotes the weight loss, while the second one will help you if you have an important event – one procedure guarantees great skin tone and excreting extra fluid, which adds extra pounds.


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