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Top 10 brands that produce quality and affordable shoes

The most pleasant feeling you can have from wearing new shoes is that you don’t feel them! Perfect shoes are like a second skin, they softly cushion your feet and protect you from bad weather.

We have compiled a list of 10 best brands that produce shoes that cost less than $200 per pair. So if you want to choose comfortable and solid footwear, and if you don’t have a favorite brand yet — read and buy!

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  1.    Aldo (Canada)

Famous brand offers classic and casual shoes. The shoes are of medium quality, the prices are average (from $110 for a pair of shoes).  A large part of shoes are made in China, some models — in Eastern Europe and Brazil.

  1.    Ara (Germany)

These are сasual middle class shoes. Shoes and sandals by this brand will cost you from $80 to $160, during the sales prices go down to $50. Place of manufacture: Romania, Indonesia and other countries.

  1.    Bata (Switzerland)

Bata shoes are sold in 70 countries around the world. Boots and shoes cost from $60 to $230. Countries of production: India, Portugal, Bangladesh, Romania, Italy.

  1.    Bronx (Netherlands)

Bronx produces shoes in different styles — from sports to business style. Bronx sandals cost from $100, shoes — from $120 to $180, boots — form $130. Country of production: Portugal.

  1.    Buffalo (Germany)

Buffalo produces affordable casual shoes. Occasionally you can find classical models. Boots and ankle boots will cost you from $110 to $170, shoes range from $130 to $190. Country of production: Turkey, Spain, Portugal.

  1.    Camper (Spain)

Camper has original design and impressive assortment of casual and sporty shoes. The company has a big chain of firm shops. Prices: from $140 for shoes, up to $200 for massive boots. Country of production: China.

  1.    Castaner (Spain)

Castaner produces light summer shoes, brand collaborates with several famous designers. The main specialization — espadrilles – cost from $100. Country of production: Spain.

  1.    Caterpillar (USA)

Caterpillar produce only casual and athletic shoes. Boots and shoes will cost you from $70, winter options — $110-130. The shoes have decent quality, and an appropriate price. Country of production: China.

  1.    Clarks (England)

Clarks is known for its casual and athletic shoes, as well as classic models. The company has a wide chain of branded stores. Shoes and moccasins will cost you from $100, boots – from $130. Country of production: China.

  1.                    Dockers by Gerli (Germany)

This is a brand that produces casual shoes. Boots by this brand will cost you from $70 to $130. Countries of production: China, Vietnam, Portugal.

It is not right to cut corners on your convenience – this is a golden rule. And no one will stop you from using a reasonable price policy by major trusted shoe brands!


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